The Hogtown Rake turns two with a new direction

When The Hogtown Rake turned a year old, I decided to shift my focus from product and store reviews to more personal takes on style and building a wardrobe. While I will continue that direction, I am celebrating the start of my third year by broadening my scope further, stepping lightly into other worlds beyond the purely sartorial. I will still talk about clothes and what they mean, but you will also see increasing coverage of watches, cigars and fine spirits.

I have long been a fan of watches but only recently started focusing on them professionally. And as much as I will start posting reviews of individual watches in the coming months, the reviews will also be an opportunity to discuss horological history and what watch wearing says about us and our cultural era.

Just arrived for a test run…

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I will also stray a little bit from the sartorial with coverage of cigars and spirits. I have been collecting and enjoying cigars for over a decade but I don’t just enjoy smoking them, I love their history and the culture that surrounds them. So I won’t be doing individual cigar reviews as much as general cigar appreciation. I am also a lover of fine wines and spirits, especially Port. Again, I find their history fascinating as well as how they pair with cigars. And there’s just something rakish about a glass of vintage port and a lancero.

And, as always, I am very open to other topics and issues I may not have covered in the past. What would you like to see more of on The Hogtown Rake? Please comment below…